About Jason Postma

“O Lord of Life, send my roots rain”.  G. M. Hopkins

I am a disciple of Jesus.

I am the husband of Natalie.

I am the father of four children.

I am an Assistant Curate in the Diocese of Huron.

I am a graduate of Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto and the Institute for Christian Studies.

I enjoy watching movies, reading theology, listening to heavy/progressive  metal, playing bass guitar, and drinking coffee while doing any and all of the above.

This blog is a collection of my thoughts and things that I think are interesting, especially as they relate to the intersection of faith, theology, and culture.

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5 thoughts on “About Jason Postma

  1. Hey,
    I’m obviously a little daft and didn’t realize you had a blog. Cool! I’ll have to make sure I start reading it.

  2. Jason,

    Sorry to lose you (from the CRC) but pray you’ll be of even greater service to the Kingdom where you’ve now been led.

    Grace and Peace,
    Michael Borgert

    P.S. – the Coen brothers last name is spelled w/o an “h”.

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