On Communion/Eucharist/Lords’ Supper & Becoming Anglican

I grew up in a tradition in which the Eucharist was so important that it could only be celebrated between 4-10 times per year in order to retain its importance, lest it become a meaningless ritual.

Interestingly enough, the importance that tradition gave to the Eucharist was highly formative. So much so that it was one of the reasons I left that tradition and became Anglican.

I left a tradition for which the Eucharist was too important to be done frequently and joined a tradition in which the Eucharist is too important not to do weekly.

And no, it has not become a meaningless routine for me to participate in it weekly. Now preparation for Eucharist is something to do a few times a year, it is something I do every week. It is a spiritual discipline and nourishment, not only for me personally, but also for the church as the Eucharist reminds and calls the church to unity and to embody Christ’s body on earth by participating in God’s mission.

The funny thing is that John Calvin wanted the Eucharist to be offered weekly. I guess you could say that it is partly John Calvin’s fault why I became Anglican.


3 thoughts on “On Communion/Eucharist/Lords’ Supper & Becoming Anglican

  1. Dear Jason, I stumbled upon your blog. I too was raised in the CRC faith and was so blessed by it, then I discovered the truth about catholicism and the misunderstandings and myths became a celebration and appreciation for a faith so rich and deep. Anglicans are so close to catholics, I encourage you to study catholicism as welll. What a beautiful appreciation they have for the Eucharist. One thing the Christian Reformed Church could still do and that is to move out of the bubble of living in the Reformation, and look and see the beauty and wonder of the body of Christ! God bless you, thanks for your time, irene hooyer

    1. Irene,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I too grew up hearing about all the “apostacy” of the Roman Catholic tradition. Living in a Roman Catholic residence and worshiping with that congregation challenged the perspective I was taught. I have a deep appreciation for the Roman Catholic tradition and am happy to have a home parish in the Anglo-Catholic tradition. Blessings!

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