The Voice New Testament: A Review

As a youth pastor, I’m always searching for practical tools to help students engage with Scripture.  To this end, I am very pleased with The Voice, a new translation put together by the Ecclesia Bible Society.  Although it is only currently available in a New Testament version, the strengths of this translation are clear and I eagerly await the full version.

What I appreciate about The Voice is first and foremost its narrative approach to Scripture.  After all, the Bible is a story book, so it only seems appropriate that we approach it as such.  It is God’s true story of creation and redemption.  This narrative approach comes through clearly in the choice of the translators to write it as a dramatic script.  Written in this way with the text divided into the various parts (or voices) of the biblical characters makes the story come alive.  As a youth pastor, The Voice is a wonderful resource for engaging students because it is a readymade script – students are not merely reading through verses, they are performing scripture.  It is a highly readable translation which makes it very accessible.  Whether in group or individual reading, the characters of the story come alive making Bible reading less a laborious task.

Like production notes and director cues, the introductory notes at the beginning of each book and the “sidebars” added to the text help provide valuable background information.

The Voice is truly an asset to any Bible reader looking for a fresh way of engaging scripture and it will certainly become one of my most used tools in my youth ministry tool-kit.

New Testament has been provided courtesy of Thomas Nelson and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. Available at your favourite bookseller from Thomas Nelson


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