The Future (of the) Church

Continuing with “Moltmann Mondays”, here is some wisdom
from “The Church in the Power of the Spirit”: “Christian traditions
are kept on the move by their hope for the
coming glory of God and the coming new creation of all things” (my
emphasis). “The church will have no future if it simply
extrapolates into the future the path it took in the past.” “Today
we are living in a time of transition whose future we can as yet
hardly perceive. Many people are painfully conscious that
what was valid once no longer holds good. But what is going
to be and what is capable of enduring we do not know. This
causes an unrest which also affects Christianity and the church all
over the world…At a time like this the church is challenged to
think radically about its origins, to lay hold decisively on its
charge, and to return to Christ’s future from its now flawed and
dying form”. “it is not that the church ‘has’ a mission, but the
very reverse: that the mission of Christ creates its own church.
Mission does not come from the church; it is from mission and
in the light of mission has to be understood…Mission comprehends
the whole of the church, not only parts of it, let alone the
members it has sent out…Mission embraces all activities that
serve to liberate man from his slavery in the presence of the
coming God, slavery which extends from economic necessity to
Godforsakenness”. “Under the impressions of the remembrance and
hope of Christ’s promise, the church will therefore see itself as a
mobile and temporary
phenomenon in history, which tries in every age to live up to the
promise of Christ in according with the needs of the situation” (my


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